Saturday, September 7, 2013

DIY Coat Rack

Ever went to open your dresser drawer only to have the entire front piece/face of the drawer come completely off? If you're tired of fixing it or have decided to re-purpose the dresser for something else, keep the drawer fronts and make coat racks! Add a fresh coat of paint if you desire, pick up some inexpensive hooks, and add your own personal touch! Voila! an up-cycle worth getting hooked on!
Above is the drawer front with one of the original knobs still on it. I could have chosen to use those for the hooks but needed something a bit sturdier and I can use those on another project!

I also chose to hang the rack vertically because it fit perfectly that way by the front door. For the bathroom I'll choose to place the hooks on a horizontal angle for the towels.

I picked up the hooks super cheap at the 99!

There you have it!

Added some color :)

My vertical coat rack made from the front of a dresser draw!