Saturday, September 12, 2015

Mid century modern redo!

Picked up this dresser at a thrift store a while back for $29! It had been painted numerous times but I had a vision for it!
After removing the paneling nailed to the top (not sure why) I began the tedious work of stripping the paint off of the drawer fronts. I used the "safer" orange stripper and it wasn't bad at all.
On some the paint came right off! I followed the instructions carefully. Scraped, sanded then stained. I loved the end product!! I change styles often-it keeps things fresh!! It's served many purposes and for a total of $40 I have a piece I'll enjoy for many years and many different settings! 

Feel free to ask me for step by step instructions!!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

DIY Pallet Art

With lots of left over pallet wood from my coffee table project I decided to make some pallet art! There's a wealth of images and diy blogs online and on pinterest to give you some inspiration!

I lightly sanded the boards down and stained some of them.

I took some of the left over blue paint I had and added some water then brushed it on some of the boards as well to give it a slight blue tint. I let them dry overnight.
I used some of the broken boards to attach them all and nailed them in place.

Instead of painting the words on I thought I'd sketch them out with chalk first before using a permanent method. I liked the chalk look so well that I left it alone!

 I love the way it turned out!! I may add a black and white photo of the family to the right but for right now I'm just enjoying my free wall art!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

DIY Coat Rack

Ever went to open your dresser drawer only to have the entire front piece/face of the drawer come completely off? If you're tired of fixing it or have decided to re-purpose the dresser for something else, keep the drawer fronts and make coat racks! Add a fresh coat of paint if you desire, pick up some inexpensive hooks, and add your own personal touch! Voila! an up-cycle worth getting hooked on!
Above is the drawer front with one of the original knobs still on it. I could have chosen to use those for the hooks but needed something a bit sturdier and I can use those on another project!

I also chose to hang the rack vertically because it fit perfectly that way by the front door. For the bathroom I'll choose to place the hooks on a horizontal angle for the towels.

I picked up the hooks super cheap at the 99!

There you have it!

Added some color :)

My vertical coat rack made from the front of a dresser draw!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pretty, pretty...

I'm always looking for ways to re-use things and make them pretty! I'm a working mother and cut dinner prep time whenever I can. We often make chicken Alfredo and thought the jars would work in place of a mason I soaked it in warm soapy water and the labels came right off. Stuck a stem in it and voila! pretty, pretty!

 I picked up the tin below at a local goodwill store for a $1.99. I love how it looks on the dining room buffet! 

I look forward to collecting more the possibilities are endlessly beautiful!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Pillow Covers

Vintage Blue Chevron and personalized Burlap Pillow Covers

I love playing with different fabric patterns and colors! 
I made the chevron pattern pillow covers using 1 yd of the print and made them envelope style for easy cleaning and changing!

I did the same with the burlap and used some acrylic craft paint in black and white, and letter stencils to personalize and give that ol' burlap sack look.

The pillow cases are super easy and quick to make!  I usually buy old pillow forms at garage sales and thrift stores. I wash them either in the machine or with a steam cleaner and then recover.

One pillow at popular stores would cost about $24.99-$34.99. In total one pillow cost me about $5.00 to make!

For specs on how I made them please feel free to message me or comment below!

DIY for a one of a kind look and savings in your wallet!

A Blank Palette, a new table...

I came across wood pallet diy ideas online and thought, wow, that's pretty cool! Here in coastal San Diego wood pallets usually retire to the beach area where they are soon lit up and burned to the enjoyment of many gathered for good times by a bonfire! These 2 got away! I picked them up behind a local business after inquiring inside about their use. Many people are unaware that it is actually illegal to take pallets from a business..I learned this via lil old man waving finger at me and pointing to cameras above! So, after obtaining the okay from the business I loaded them into my Jetta and began to imagine the possibilities! 

My home's theme is sorta beach cottage with vintage/retro flare. I was in need of a coffee table and thought this would make an awesome coffee table. I up cycle and recycle EVERYTHING! I rarely buy new. 

If you want the specs on how I put this piece together message me or leave in the comments below.

******Total Cost: $3.24******

FYI: Please, please, please remember safety. Stepped on a nail working on this project and......OUCH!