Monday, September 2, 2013

A Blank Palette, a new table...

I came across wood pallet diy ideas online and thought, wow, that's pretty cool! Here in coastal San Diego wood pallets usually retire to the beach area where they are soon lit up and burned to the enjoyment of many gathered for good times by a bonfire! These 2 got away! I picked them up behind a local business after inquiring inside about their use. Many people are unaware that it is actually illegal to take pallets from a business..I learned this via lil old man waving finger at me and pointing to cameras above! So, after obtaining the okay from the business I loaded them into my Jetta and began to imagine the possibilities! 

My home's theme is sorta beach cottage with vintage/retro flare. I was in need of a coffee table and thought this would make an awesome coffee table. I up cycle and recycle EVERYTHING! I rarely buy new. 

If you want the specs on how I put this piece together message me or leave in the comments below.

******Total Cost: $3.24******

FYI: Please, please, please remember safety. Stepped on a nail working on this project and......OUCH! 

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